The Practicum at the Department of Early Childhood Education and Care is considered to be an essential and mandatory part of the studies that aims to familiarize students with the environment of early childhood education settings and to link theory to practice.


During their practice, students:

  • Get involved in the daily programme of the setting
  • Co-operatively work with the educators
  • Participate in seminars that take place in the Department
  • Prepare a project file (portfolio) with observation material, activity planning and assessment reports. Student’s work is presented in the form of an e-portfolio.


The students’ Practicum is supported:

  • By the Practicum Office of the University of West Attica which maintains constant contact and closely cooperates with all parties involved in the Practicum, and
  • The Practicum Committee of the Department of Early Childhood Education and Care consists of Faculty staff members of the same Department. On dates selected by the Practicum Committee, students are informed about the Practicum procedure (while receiving the necessary documents) and are supported throughout their Practicum. Students’ attendance at these meetings is compulsory.
  • In addition to this, the Committee also cooperates with the Supervisor of each Practicum Host Organization.


According to the Curriculum, the course credits (ECTS), to be earned by each student are twenty (20) that amount to a total of 338 hours of Practicum and a workload of six hundred (600). The Practicum consists of twenty-four (24) hours of practice per week (4 days x 6 hours per day) for fourteen (14) weeks within the seventh or eighth semester. The Practicum includes seminars, lectures and workshops, as well as observation and active participation in potential professional workplaces, i.e. infant and toddler education and care.


Prerequisites for the Practicum are that the student is currently in the seventh or eighth semester of study and has successfully completed the 2/3 of the overall curriculum courses. Additionally the student must have successfully complete the following three courses:

– Infant Education (PAI 07)

– Curriculum and Citizenship (PAI 19)

– Early Interactions (PSYCH 22)


The Practicum takes place in Early Childhood Care Centers selected by the Department in different areas of the Attica prefecture. Namely:

– Municipality Child Care Centers providing Early Childhood Education and Care services

– Public bodies that feature Early Childhood Care

– Private sector bodies providing Early Childhood Education and Care

– Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) providing Early Childhood Care and Education

– At the Care Centre for Infants “Mitera”


The University of West Attica covers insurance for civil liability for students who carry out Practicum in Public Institutions. The Practicum is unpaid.


The Department supports and provides the opportunity for students to carry out the Practicum under the auspices of the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) program ( led by Professor T. Sidiropoulou ( and under the auspices of the ERASMUS program ( led by Professor E. Musena (