Academic Advisor

Every year, by the decision of the Departmental Assembly, a faculty staff member is appointed to assume the role of the Academic Advisor (AA) to guide students in Academic Matters. The Academic Advisors offer support in both academic and career matters, helping students to complete their studies in a rational and efficient manner, within the framework set by the Study Guide of the Department and in accordance with their needs, their potential and their future plans.


The role of the A.A. is specified in the following:

– Providing advice to students upon their admission to the Department.

– Providing advice and feedback on students’ academic effort throughout their studies.

– Providing pertinent advice to students on the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs of Study in collaboration with the respective Academic Sectors within the Department of Early Childhood Education and Care.

– Providing advice on career-related issues and subsequent opportunities for entering the labor market.

– Supporting students in adjustment issues during their studies.

– Identifying students with special educational needs and provides advice on appropriate procedures and support services.

– Referring students to relevant services for issues of concern when necessary.

– Providing advice on time management and access to information.


The AA remains the same for the whole academic year. For the current Academic year, Assistant Professor Eleni Katsiada has been appointed as the A.A.


Students are encouraged to communicate regularly with the A.A.


The communication takes place via:

– Email:

– Face to face meetings during office hours or at a time arranged upon request.

Note for the current semester: Due to the restrictions imposed to contain the New Coronavirus – COVID-19, live meetings are suspended and a synchronous meeting is available every Wednesday from 3:00-5:00 p.m. at the following link.