The Department

Presentation of the Department


The Department of Early Childhood Education and Care of the University of West Attica can be considered as the continuation of the Department of Early Childhood Education of The Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Athens, Greece. The original establishment of the Department dates back to 1955, concurrently to the establishment of the “Mitera” [Mother] Care Centre for Infants.


The aim of the Department of Early Childhood Education and Care is to provide high-quality studies to Early Childhood Education and care Teachers through the acquisition of knowledge and the development of competences that meet the professional requirements of Early Childhood Education and Care while aiming to promote and conduct scientific research in the field of Early Childhood Education and Care.


The Undergraduate Studies Program corresponds to those of equivalent internationally recognized departments in the international arena, and is in accordance with the tertiary level programs in the field proposed by international organizations and it is aligned with the Hellenic Quality Assurance and Accreditation Agency for Higher Education.


The graduates of the Department have established recognized vocational rights according to the Presidential Decree 523/24.12.91, T.A.


In particular, the undergraduate program aims to:

  • provide a high-quality tertiary education through theoretical and practical courses,
  • train Early Childhood, Education and Care Teachers to enable them to meet the modern requirements of early childhood education and care.
  • provide graduates with the necessary knowledge to successfully complete postgraduate programs at universities both in Greece and abroad.


The Department of Early Childhood Education and Care, in collaboration with the Department of Biomedical Sciences, co-organizes an Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program entitled “Pedagogics through Innovative Technologies and Biomedical Approaches”.