Eleni Katsiada

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Faculty Members

Assistant Professor



Office Address

Agioy Spyridonos 28, Egaleo


Eleni Katsiada is a graduate of the Department of Early Childhood Education of TEI of Athens, Greece. She completed her postgraduate and doctoral studies in Childhood Education Studies at Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom, having received a scholarship from IKY (Greek State Scholarship Foundation). In particular, she gained the Master of Arts degree in Early Chiildhood Education Studies in 2007 and in 2015 he was awarded a PhD in Early Childhood Education Studies. Her doctoral dissertation is entitled “Children under three in Greek Day-care: Relationships with Adults, Peers and Environment”.

Working and Teaching Experience

Eleni has worked for 17 years at the Infant Center “Mitera (Mother)”  as an early years practitioner. At the same time she worked at the Department of Early Childhood Education of TEI of Athens and later at the Department of Early Childhood Education and Care at University of West Attica teaching the theoretical or the laboratory part of courses related to Infant and Toddler Education (such as Playing in the Early Years, Pedagogical Environment for Infants and Young Children, Infant and Toddler Systematic Observation etc).

From February 2020 she is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Early Childhood Education and Care, University of West Attica.

Research Interests

Her research interests focus mostly on the education and care of infants and young children under the age of three, pedagogy through interactions, children’s relationships with adults, peers and their nursery environment, as well as young children’s agency.

She has participated in national and international conferences and has published in Peer reviewed journals.


Katsiada, E. & Roufidou, I. (2018). Young Children’s Use of their Setting’s Internal Floor Space Affordances: Evidence from an Ethnographic Case Study, Early Child Development and Care, DOI: 10.1080/03004430.2018.1539843.

Katsiada, E., Roufidou, I., Wainwright, J., Angeli, V. (2018). Young Children’s Agency: Exploring Children’s Interactions with Practitioners and Ancillary Staff  Members in Greek Early Childhood Education and Care Settings, Early Child Development and Care, Vol. (188), pp.937-950.