General information

The Department of Education and Care in Early Childhood of the University of West Attica is an organization that offers intergraded studies in the education and care of children, from birth to their entry into compulsory education, at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

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Undergraduate studies

Title of the qualification: Bachelor of Education and Care in Early Childhood

Title Level: Undergraduate

Admission requirements: PanHellenic examinations, qualifying examinations, special categories.

Program requirements: In order to obtain the degree of the Department of Education and Care in Early Childhood, students are required to attend and successfully pass compulsory and elective courses. The examination is taken orally or/and written, through a project or with a combination of the above. The degree requires 240 credits, corresponding to 45 courses, including the Practical Training in the Profession or 43 courses if the student chooses a Thesis.

Grading system – Distribution of points: The grading scale on which the student performance is calculated is a ten point scale (0 – 10).

Excellent: 8.50 – 10.00

Very Good: 6.50 – 8.49

Good: 5.00 – 6.49

Unsuccessfully: 0.00 – 4.99

The minimum promotable grade is 5.00

Official duration of the program: 8 Semesters, 240 ECTS

Mode of study: Full time attendance

Professional status: The degree is sufficient for employment in the public or private sector.

Access to further studies: Access to postgraduate studies is achieved in a variety of ways.